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Why Sasso free range chicken?

Why we chose Sasso over Kuroiler , while both of these superior breeds are dual purpose ie Meat and eggs, we chose Sasso.

1. Compared to Kuroilers, Sasso are 364 per cent superior in body weight at 18 weeks. Kuroiler itself is 345 per cent compared to the indigenous varieties.

2. Sasso’s egg production ranges from 170-171 eggs compared to 156-168 for Kuroiler.

At the Farm Uganda, we brood day-old Sasso chicks, and sell one-month-old (vaccinated) indigenous-like (Sasso) free-range chicken to small and medium-scale farmers in Kitumbi sub-county, Kassanda district, Uganda.

According to National Agricultural Research Organisation, the rearing of indigenous chicken provide a humble and sustainable livelihood for rural communities.

There is a huge unmet demand for indigenous free range chicken and eggs.

Our Solution

We brood day old Sasso chicks, and sell one month old (vaccinated) indigenous-like (Sasso) free range chicken to small and medium scale farmers in Kitumbi subcounty, Kassanda district, Uganda to increase household income and create employment opportunities.

Other known facts

Facts and Figures;

  • A Sasso hen/cock attains slaughter weight in 6-7 weeks & fetches Shs.14,000.
  • Sasso chicken cost 2.5 times more than the broilers and is considered the healthiest with less cholesterol.
  • It costs Shs.8,000 to raise a bird a month which is sold at Shs.10,000 making a profit of Shs.2,000

Target market

  • Farmers
  • Restaurants
  • Individuals

Why indigenous chicken?

The rearing of indigenous chicken provides a humble and sustainable livelihood for rural communities according to National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO).

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