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What is Agrotourism?

Agrotourism or Agritourism in Uganda is quickly picking up and its simply the mixture of Agriculture and tourism. It involves any agricultural based operation or activity that brings visitors to a farm or ranch.

One of our main goals as an Agribusiness venture is to become self sustaining therefore as a way of generating more revenue at the farm, we are putting up cottages for accommodation and a camping ground for the outdoor enthusiasts.

At Farm Uganda we have day to day activities to get involved in and feel the farm “vibes” and accommodation is available if you need to spend the night.

Agrotourism - Drive a tractor

Agrotourism Activities

  • Spend a day herding the goats
  • Feeding the goat kids
  • Tending to the banana plantation
  • Bonfires and Goat roasting
  • Learn how the farm started
  • Adopt a goat and give it your name
  • Drive a tractor and plough land

Accommodation at the farm

The Farm has put up comfortable accomodation for the visitors who decide to spend a night or days at the farm. Whether you are alone or with friends, you will have a good sleep.


  • En-suite cottages
  • Wifi


Agrotourism at Farm Uganda

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