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Why other projects?

Part of our vision is to be a diversified and integrated community based farming enterprise and as such we have started and manage other projects like a 10 acre banana plantation, Maize, Soya bean, Cassava and local chicken whose eggs go for a premium.

Integrated farming is an agricultural system that integrates livestock and crop production or integrates fish and livestock and may sometimes be known as integrated biosystems. For us, Integrated farming increases our revenue streams from the various projects and reduces the cost of feeds especially for the local chicken.

Banana farming

Banana Plantation

We do banana farming on a 10 acre plantation. Bananas are the staple food of most Ugandan tribes especially the Central region where the farm is located therefore the market is available.

They are seasonal and the prices can really plummet when flood the market, in this case the surplus is used as animal feed.


Local Chicken

Local chicken though traditionally known to take long to mature are treasured for resistance to diseases, their ability to feed themselves, their yellow-york eggs which sell for a premium and their meat which is widely considered tastier.

They are also preferred for traditional ceremonies like introductions and weddings.

Local chicken farming
Banana farming

Maize & Soyabean

Maize growing in Uganda is a bi-annual activity because of its importance in the Ugandan food system.

Most schools depend on Posho (corn meal) to feed students because it’s relatively cheap and maize is also a pivotal ingredient in most animal feed formulas.

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