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Our belief

We believe that subsistence farmers can become successful Agripreneurs (a breed of entrepreneurs combining their love for agriculture with business) who can increase production and add value to produce.

Our Strategy

The vision for the farm in Kassanda district is to transform the local community through education. The local farmers will learn to grow organic corn, rice, beans, and various other fruits and vegetables, and the crops produced on the farm will be sold at local markets to finance the continued operation.

Farmer in Africa

The problem

The average farmer in Uganda has little to no education and grows food mostly to feed themselves and their families.

About 75% of Ugandans are farmers, but without knowledge of good farming practices, an average family of 7 barely produces enough food to survive with 1 acre of land.

With such low yields, they not only have poor nutrition, but the daily ration for each person just about ½ lb., and families that have less than 1 acre of land eat even less.

Our Solution

Farm Uganda brings in these family farmers and gives them hands-on, experiential learning.

These farmers are taught and practice improved farming techniques that increase their health, their standard of living, and greatly benefit the local economy.

The sustainable farming practices they learn at Farm Uganda will enable them to produce nutritious organic food at a rate of about 4 to 5 times their current production.

Farm uganda workers