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Why goats?

Goat meat is widely consumed in Africa, particularly Uganda and its considered a premium option to beef therefore there’s a huge unmet domestic demand. At the farm we also have good shrubby vegetation and the government Insurance subsidy of 50%.

Goats also provide excellent organic manure which is as a result of their extensive variety of browse, the manure in used the banana plantation making for a symbiotic existence.

Our Solution

We provide high quality grass fed goats to abattoirs (slaughter houses) and traders within Mubende and Kampala regions. We also provide superior breeds to other goat farmers.

Other known facts

  • A goat attains slaughter weight in 8months & fetches Shs.120,000 ($32).
  • It costs Shs.72,000 ($20) to raise a goat a year
  • A goat consumes 3% of it’s weight & drinks 1.5ltrs (0.3gal) of water a day.
  • A female goat produces 1.8 goats per year on average.
  • A goat produces 600 lb (0.3 tones) of manure a year.

Target market

  • Goat traders
  • Abattoirs
  • Farmers

Why Goats farming?

Goat farming in Uganda is becoming popular because the cost of goats is relatively low so many families are taking it on a family business venture and revenue stream.

Goats have a high multiplication rate because they produce twice a year and the Savanna goats in Uganda have become the preferred exotic breed since its believed that they are more hardy than Boer goats.

Rearing goats in Uganda

Rearing goats in Uganda is generally easy because most areas have a wide variety of shrubs, scrubby wood and grass. Goats love to browse, their upper lips are incredibly mobile and with the help of a strong tongue, goats can selectively grab and are able to avoid thorns and spines.

Rearing goats in Uganda is mostly done on a free range basis except those with a few goats in Peri-urban areas.

Goats browsing shrubs

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