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Tractors for hire in Uganda

Mechanisation of Agriculture in Uganda is mostly done using ox plough, because it’s the cheapest and simplest method of mechanisation.

But a few farmers use tractors to open and till the land.

In the earlier years many farmers were able to use tractors to plough their fields because the agricultural system then was well managed by the Ministry of Agriculture, and they would access them.

The failure by farmers to mechanize production or to hire tractors has led to most of them growing crops on small plots of land.

And, in most cases, many plant the crops late leading to effects of drought, pest and diseases. This leads to low yields which affects food security.

Our tractor hire service

We offer tractors for hire in Uganda, our tractors are well maintained  to keep them in top notch condition.

Our fleet of Deutz fahr model 2016 tractors are specifically designed for very sturdy soils and tough root systems found in most parts of Uganda.

We also have tractor implements for hire and these include 3-disc Baldan ploughs, Agromaster HMMF planters and a 5-tonne Massey Ferguson tipping trailer to help with the transportation.

With the  help of our partners, our prices are subsidized making it cheaper for more farmers to use tractors to open their land. This saves time and helps them to plant early to boost production.

Other known facts

  • A tractor can plough more than 10 acres a day, the same job is done by 10 able bodied men in 2 weeks.
  • A tractor penetrates deeper into the soil than a hand hoe and this improves yields.
Deutz fahr 2016 model

The Deutz Fahr 2016 model

Tractor operators

The tractor operators

5 Tonne Mersey Ferguson tipping trailer

5 Tonne Mersey Ferguson tipping trailer

3 Disc Baldan Plough

3 Disc Baldan Plough

The Agro master HMMF4 planter

The Agro master HMMF4 planter

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